Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 6, Swore Farms CSA 7/1/14

Had a bad shock this week: Our daughter was in a terrible accident and was ambulanced to the hospital for road rash (*update her wounds are almost healed by 8/4/14 I'll put a picture of her at the bottom of this post)

 One of the most time consuming chores is harvesting beans. We have 2 rows of green beans in greenhouse 1 and it takes hours upon hours to harvest them--even with many hands, but for our CSA family, 
the work is worth it!

A dozen Eggs, SIX POUNDS of green beans! WOW! 8 rhubarb, kale, hydroponic lettuce, butter head lettuce, 2 candy onions, 3 beets, 10 carrots, 4 burpless cucumbers, 4 English cucumbers, cauliflower, & 4 radishes. Yummy stuff!

Here's our Kidlet#1. Ouchie! She fell off a trailer onto pavement at 35mphr while out with friends.
Her arms and legs had road rash and lacerations including a 5 inch gash on her arm, deep holes on her knees, and tendon damage to her right foot, but her head was completely untouched. We are very blessed and thankful she is okay.

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