Friday, June 21, 2013

CSA Week 4, 6-19-13

This week we were happy to pick more than 2 pounds of green beans for everyone (outside, the bean plants are only 6 inches tall, but in the greenhouse, they are producing!) Also included this week was Rhubarb, garlic blooms, lettuce, 9 beets, 9 radishes, and another pound of strawberries. Yum!
So far, everyone seems pleased with the selections we are offering. 
We're doing our best to give you a good variety!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CSA Week 3, 6-12-13

Here's the produce full shares received today:
7lbs russet potatoes, 1 gal bag spinach, 1 gal bag lettuce, bunch beets, broccoli, green onoins, green beans, and 1 lb container strawberries
Half shares received the same, minus the spinach and with a pint of strawberries:
The kids brought fresh peas and cherry tomatoes out for everyone to have a taste. We hope to put them in the baskets soon as well.
We hope you are enjoying the taste of the farm!

Monday, June 10, 2013

CSA Week 2, June 5th

Broccoli, Spinach, Lettuce, Russet Potatoes, Beets, & Whole Wheat Flour.
Kidlet#4 brought out some of our homemade Spinach-Garlic Bread for everyone to try. I wanted to post the recipe, but delayed a few days because I wanted to have a more exact recipe to give you with pictures. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to bake anything this week as we are running as fast as we can all the time to get the last of the planting done. So, here's the partial recipe. I'll post a better version just as soon as I am able to make a loaf again. :)
Swore Farms Spinach-Garlic Bread:
Get a big double handful of fresh spinach and rinse and then dice it. (Spinach should be moist)
Add 1/2 cup water,
2 cups whole wheat flour,
2 cups white flour,
Mince 2-3 garlic cloves,
1/2 cup brown sugar,
3 TBL nonfat dry milk,
3 TBL butter,
2 tsp salt (feel free to use Kosher or sea salt for variety)
4 tsp yeast.
(It's fun to add a TBL of oats or other seeds if you want)
(Here's the part where the recipe gets less precise)
After that, I added a couple cups (1.5c-3c) of whole wheat flour a little at a time as I mix until it has the consistency of nice bread dough. I can't remember how much I put in, but as a rule, you want the bread to be pliable as you kneed it, but not sticky to your fingers.
Then I greased 3 bread pans with butter, divided dough into 3 parts, rolled each part, and laid a long cylinder of dough in each pan.
My dough rose from 1/3 full to the top of the pan.
BAKE at 350 for 30-40 minutes.
(Mine was almost overdone at 40).
It's delicious and healthy! Hope you like it!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Official CSA Basket 5/26/13

For our first CSA day, we had a pretty good variety of early produce.
As the season goes on, the shares won't fit in these milk crates. It will be too much! We lined up all the full shares on one side and the half shares on the other. Anyone who showed up early was put to work pulling beets! (Thank you for your help!)

Here's what was in the shares this week:
Russet Potatoes
1 head Lettuce
Green Onions
Overfull gallon bag of Spinach
...and here it is in a prettier basket.
Recipies! We had some great ideas and feedback on what people are doing with the produce. Here's a couple recipes for you to try:
Garlic Bacon Spinach
Best Hashbrowns Ever
If you had any other good recipies, please send them our way! We'd love to try and share them.

2013 Swore Farms Spring Field Trip!

The first CSA event was the SPRING FIELD TRIP held on Saturday, May 18th, 2013. We invited all CSA members to come enjoy the day with us for a tour of the farm, some gifts from us, and good food! Get ready for a lot of pictures! Hopefully these will give you an idea of the fun day we had.
First we gave everyone a tour of the fields, chicken coops, future greenhouse locations, and machienery. The kids liked the potato digger and the chicks the best.
Then we gave every shareholder a basket of strawberries, a bag full of spinach, and a potted flower!
We had some nice feedback about the size of the tomato plants, and most of the ripe strawberries never made it to the car. They were delish!
Wichita (our right hand man) and Kidlet#1 filled everyone's spinach bag so full, it was falling out the top!
Then it was time for the egg hunt! We allowed kids in according to ages-- under 2, then 3, then 4 & 5, then 8 and under, then everyone else!
For the ADULT egg hunt, the prizes were better than candy: a dozen of our farm fresh eggs!
DINNER TIME!! We had salad and baked russet potatoes grown right here on the farm--topped with bacon bits, sour cream, cheese, and diced onions. Don't forget the cake and dessert.
All in all, it was a really fun day. Thank you to all the members who came! We figure we fed over 100 people! (and there was food left over--so we sent baked potatoes home with people) Here's a last picture of Wichita standing beside the goodies everyone went home with today.
Doesn't that overflowing gallon bag of spinach look nice? And the strawberries... Yum!
If you live in the Pocatello area, be sure to watch for our CSA shares that will open up in January 2014. We'd love to have you come to our field trip next year.