Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Swore Farms 2013, A Year In Review.

Dear Friends of Swore Farms, 2013 had ups and downs for us here on the farm.
There were new chicks...

A LOT of planting...

LOADS of Weeding!... (With the occasional nap on the dog, Daisy)

We launched our CSA Program (Community Supported Agriculture) and 36 of you took a leap of faith and joined us for the season—thank you! There are pictures of all the weeks here on this blog. Go look, we'll wait.

Then we lost a grandmother, and our beloved uncle, Steve Swore; our whole world shook. We are still trying to patch together the gaping hole he left in our lives and here on the farm.

Kidlet #4 lost her peacocks too.

We filled a huge truck with sweet corn with the help of volunteers for the food bank.

We picked corn everyday from mid-August through the end of September rain or shine! (or wind, or hail...)

We made the corn maze with help from the whole family!

We had wagon rides

And helped people find the perfect pumpkin!

With Farm Bureau’s help, we hosted Ag Days with all the fourth graders in Pocatello and gave them ALL red potatoes to take home. They all went through our educational corn maze! (Also, I lost a tug-o-war with first graders)

The Swore Farms Pumpkin fairy delivered pumpkins to several local businesses and services like police, fire stations, banks, and children’s clinic.

Most of all, we are grateful for you this year. Your support has made all the difference in our world and we thank you. Rest easy during these long winter months and know that we’re busy making plans for next year. We wish you health and happiness with your loved ones. May 2014 be kind to you and yours. Much love from the Swore Family!
And now... We'll do it all again. Okay 2014, Let's do this. Hope it's a good one.

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